Speech by President of JOVE USA Mr. He Nong at opening ceremony

First of all, please let me thank you for coming on behalf of the parent company Chinese Chengdu Jove Industrial Co., Ltd. of Chuan's and Jove USA and congratulate on formal opening of Chuan's in Los Angeles.

Founded in 1996, Chuan's has developed into a catering enterprise with more than 30 branches, more than 3000 employees, own cooking institute, food factory and cook training school in China through 18 years of development. It ranks top 100 Chinese catering enterprises for continuous 10 years, becomes one of rare Chinese famous brands in the catering industry and became the unique representative of Chinese Sichuan cuisine in Shanghai World Expo. It is thus praised as the first brand of Sichuan cuisine.

Despite of so many achievements made by Chuans(Baguobuyi) in China, we are still upset and worried as it is a green hand even an outsider in the totally different large market in America. For this reason, we grope in opening the branch in Los Angeles as if starting a new undertaking.

As shown in the advertising words New Sichuan Cuisine with Chinese Style”, we introduce Chuan's to America in order to propagandize Sichuan cuisine and show its real quality; we also want to bring Chinese culture and diffuse valuable Chinese folk culture through dishes, environment and performance, etc.

At last, I hope Chuan's can develop prosperously in the free land of America. Thank you.

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